Monday, May 21, 2012

How clever publishers are using ebooks

NetGalley logo request, read and comment on upcoming titles 
Net Galley is an exciting company distributing digital titles to the media and to reviewers. They delivers secure, digital galleys to professional readers. I'm able to log-in, request any galley from a publisher, and receive it. I also track what I have read, alert the publisher when I'm finished, and avoid the long delay receiving print galleys or ARCs by mail.

BEA BUZZ BOOKSNow, during Book Expo America, Net Galley has distributed an ebook with exciting excerpts from over 30 new works that will debut in Fall 2012. The book was put together by Publishers Lunch, and allows reviewers an opportunity to read excerpts and prep reviews now, well in advance of publication dates.Among the new works, I know you'll be glad to see a new Barbara Kingsolver title, Flight Behavior, and the fall-over laughing Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? by Rhoda Janzen. Those are definitely the first two I'll be reading, followed by, oh gosh... a dozen others!

The entire thing was conveniently made available via email, for a quick download to read on my computer or Nook. And how large is this Fall 2012 preview? It tops out at 624 pages; powerful yet weightless.

A fabulous use of digital books and technology.

Helen Gallagher

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guest post by Rita Jean Moran

A chance to enjoy the perspective of another blogger with this guest post:

Hi, my name is Rita Jean Moran, and I am the author of The Library Kids book series (  I also have my own blog,, where I post many articles on:  mysterious places I have visited, ancient history, and places to visit with your family.  My books are for children and adults and I want my blog to be family-friendly as well as interesting.

I would like to thank Helen Gallagher for teaching a wonderful seminar on Power Blogging for Authors and Writers.  She did a great job and had many fresh ideas regarding blogging.  I liked her tips on for finding free graphics that you can use as well as her tips for increasing traffic to your blog by guest blogging.  
My blog audience is growing.  What I’ve found out is how powerful a blog can be.  You are one person in a world of about 7 billion people and you can have a voice to the entire world with a great blog.  My statistics tell me that people from all over the world are viewing my blog.  I’ve had hits from America, Russia, Germany, Canada, India, England, France, South Korea, Italy, Latvia, Australia, Georgia, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Denmark, Romania, Dominican Republic, Israel, France and Moldova.  With a blog you don’t even have to know the languages of other countries because the viewer may even be able to convert their view on their web browser to their own language. 
I’ve found that mixing up great graphics with interesting articles attracts a lot of attention.  Using a good short title and readable font for your articles also helps.  I tend to use many of my own pictures but I can also get some really good ones from Wikipedia that are public domain.  You need to be very careful not to violate copyrights and you should site sources when necessary. 
Once again, thanks Helen and I hope some of your viewers come and visit my blog at