Friday, October 5, 2007

Writer's DreamKit

What a great name for a product !!
Many of us have seen ads for years for Dramatica Pro, software to help novelists and screenwriters to plod along on plot.

But, if that's more than you want, and yet a spiral notebook or a laptop isn't enough to get your story written, they also have a smaller product called Writer's DreamKit. At a cost of $59 for a Windows or Mac version, it might be just the thing to help you with step-by-step techniques for writing fiction. DramaticaPro includes many more features, but retails at $269.

I haven't tried either product, since I write non-fiction, but I've seen ads for Dramatica in Writer's Digest for years.

Here is an unattributed endorsement of Writer's DreamKit:

"What I came to discover that night is that Writer's DreamKit did not write the story for me, what it did do was make me work at telling a story I had no idea how to tell."

Sounds promising...


seniorwriter said...

Helen: This is not a comment on your blog post, but since I can''t get through to your e-mail (something or someone is "blacklisted"), this is my way of telling you that I just posted a review of Release Your Writing on my writing blog, "Write Your Life!" ( I'll be posting a review on
Amazon soon, too.

Marlys Styne

seniorwriter said...

I enjoyed reading and reviewing your book. My "Seniorwriting" is out--not quite on Amazon yet, but available at (search by author). I don't have your talent for marketing, but there's an interview on line at More later--and I hope you can figure out why I'm blocked from sending you email directly.