Friday, January 30, 2009

If you write books for children... Part 2

Per my Jan. 14, 2009 post, here is a helpful update from SPAN (Small Publishers Assn. of North America) regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, and its decision to include children's books in the list of products requiring testing for lead.

First the date has been bumped from February to August:
"The most important issue that was clarified for the book
word was that the deadline for third party testing of
books is August 10, 2009 not February 10, as repeated
in the press (including information from SPAN).

After February 10 the printers need to provide "only" a
"general conformity certificate" (GCC) with every shipment
of a book title. The GCC can be either a paper copy or
available on a Web page. These certificates are provided
by the book manufacturer/printer.

And about books already on store shelves?

There have been questions about books on shelves and in
storage that were manufactured. General conformity
certificates are not required for these books, but retailers
are liable and could get fines and or imprisonment under
the Act if any of these products show illegal levels of lead.
This paradoxical situation is driving many retailers to require
certificates on books already produced. Again, check with
your distributors and retailers to find out what they need.

The SPAN website at has more information.
And here's a link to a Publisher's Weekly article on the topic:

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