Saturday, May 9, 2009

Writers write & Bloggers blog

At a blogging panel this week, the audience, comprised of sophisticated journalists and serious freelancers, learned the value of having a blog. It's a vehicle to create visibility, share your voice and your opinions. If you need a reminder to begin or update your blog, use this image as a reminder. You're free to download it, by right-clicking and choose to save it to your computer. Why not make it your desktop background instead of last year's family photo?


Dilly said...

Because of you, Helen, I went home from the panel on blogs and made one of my own. I still have a lot to learn, but its a start! Thank you. Barb Terao from OCWW,

Computer Clarity © 2004 said...

yeah! Good for you. Other readers here should look at your new blog and see what a great job you did with the design, and the writing.