Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pen to Press workshop success

Yesterdays symposium "Pen to Press" at John Marshall Law School was a well-run, well-attended event, with perhaps 80 interested writers in attendance. Let's hope this is the first of many future "Pen to Press" events they sponsor.

Despite all the talk in the industry about the difficulties in getting published, the rumored death of publishing, and worries over ebooks and ebook reading devices (Kindle, Sony, etc). none of this will cause publishing to vanish. The enthusiasm among yesterday's conference attendees was palpable. Folks went home and wrote, I'm sure, and reconsidered their options in getting published.

For, above all, the conference conveyed the sense of hope and purpose for writers to continue along their path to publication. No one is stopping you from publishing your book, but also no one is pushing you forward to accomplish it either. You need the internal drive, motivation, and energy to take the next step.

So take that next step. Happy publishing days are ahead...

I'm pleased to have met so many who stopped by my booth and wish you all tremendous success.

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