Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do Writers use Twitter? You bet your tweet, they do. analyzed what many of us call "meaningless chatter" on Twitter and found, among all the celebrity nonsense, there are plenty of us out there too:

Using highly unscientific methods (a simple TweepSearch to find all the people who included the word "poet," "novelist," or "writer" in their Twitter profile), GalleyCat has compiled a year-end census of the literary Twittersphere.

According to simple TweepSearch queries, there are 1,790 novelists, 9,139 poets, 19,490 journalists, 28,529 authors, and a staggering 99,082 writers on Twitter. The publishing world latched on to the microblogging site in 2009, as Twitter writers scored book deals, serialized stories, and saw their work adapted to film. Finally, GalleyCat opened its Twitter page for business.


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