Saturday, April 3, 2010

Self-Published book award list

Use this list of Writer's Digest Self-Published Award winners to do a little reverse engineering. Look at the winning books in your category.

1. Go to the author's web site or blog. How well do they promote the book?
2. Go to Facebook or LinkedIn and search for the author's profile. Are they highly visible? Do they have a large following?
3. What can you learn from their marketing strategy? They didn't become a Writer's Digest award winner without some effort.
4. What should you do to get your work known?

Writers Digest's 17th Annual
Self-Published Book Awards winners :

Children's Books

Genre Fiction

Humor Writing

Inspirational Writing

Middle-Grade/Young Adult

Life Stories

Mainstream Fiction



Reference Books

Thanks to Rowdy at FWOI for these links.

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