Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got a book in the oven?

You and your colleagues can collaborate on a book project together at Book Oven.
Writers, editors, designers, all can collaborate, even publish right from the site.

The site is fairly new. Here's how it works. I hope you'll let me know if you try it out...

-- As a writer, you either start writing on Book Oven, or upload text of an existing manuscript

-- You either invite collaborators (editors, designers, reviewers, proofreaders), or find them on our site

-- You work with editors/reviewers to improve your text. Your editors can leave annotations in the margins of your text, and if they have the right permissions, they can directly edit the text

-- You can use Bite-Size Edits to proofread/copyedit your text - either by yourself, in a private group, or by opening your project to the world
When you are ready to publish your text, you can generate an .epub ebook file, an html file, or a PDF file

-- Eventually, you'll be able to generate a PDF formatted for print-on-demand

-- Eventually, you'll be able to sell the epub and print-on-demand book in the Book Oven store, and through partner retailers

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