Thursday, June 2, 2011

The value of book reviews

Those of you who hear me speak at conferences, and who follow this blog, know I talk a lot about author marketing. One element is the value of online book reviews. I write reviews for, among other venues such as New York Journal of Books, and Salon. Here's an interesting timeline on the power of a review.

I wrote a review for BlogCritics of Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, by Lisa Bloom on Tuesday. So far, itt has been pushed out to Facebook 35 times and retweeted five times. This is what you want to have happen.

On Thursday,  it was picked up by the Seattle Post Intelligencer (

And today, the author, her mother, and daughter were on a CNN talk show. The book's publicist alerted me to the fact that the author's mother said "Seattle PI just called Lisa's book the light bulb of the year for women," which she extrapolated from my comment in the review:  "this year's light bulb moment for women."

Now we all know she meant to say "Helen Gallagher said..." but its fun nonetheless, to have my writing move from my computer to the original review site at, then to the Seattle paper's site, and then a CNN talk show.
What's funny to me is that I never mentioned the sex references, and yet that's the hook the media used to make the book newsworthy for a talk show. Think about that - the universal appeal of the book is about women using their intelligence, but as we know, sex sells.

So, when you do your homework, research and marketing, remember to seek reviews of your book... But also work to keep readers focused on the point you're trying to get across.


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Writing book reviews is very appealing. Something I'll look into. Your examples always are inspirational.

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