Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amazon power...

Author of Flat-Out Love, Jessica Park, is a major cheerleader for the power of Amazon to help Indie authors reach great sales levels on their own.

She wrote a (very) long article at --- here's the take-away you'll appreciate.

"Because of Amazon and other sites, I’m making enough money that I can continue writing. I’m averaging sales of 3,500 books a month, not including the month that Amazon featured Flat-Out Love in a list of books for $3.99 and under. That month I sold 45,000 Kindle copies, and sold over 10,000 the next month. Those numbers are insane to me. Absolutely insane. The fact that I continue to sell well a year after the book’s release is humbling. Yes, I wrote a book that has earned me excellent reviews, so I take credit for that, and I worked myself to death finding bloggers to review my book (God bless my loyal bloggers who took a chance on me!), but I have to credit Amazon with giving me such a strong platform with such overwhelming visibility."

Read more, much more, in her full article at IndieReader entitled "How Amazon Saved My Life."  You, too, can put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and get everything working for you and for your book.

Helen Gallagher

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