Sunday, February 24, 2013

Natl. Assn. Memoir Writers - next roundtable

Tired of Just Saying You're Going to Finish Your Memoir?

"Rev Up to Write Your Memoir"
FREE call on Tuesday, Feb 26, at 4pm PST | 7pm EST

At a wonderful workshop in Hinsdale, IL yesterday, I mentioned the resources available at the National Association of Memoir Writers. Here's an upcoming online event on Tuesday you might enjoy. Even if you're working on fiction, essays, or short stories, the techniques of good writing cross all boundaries.

This call is for you if you have a memoir-in-progress, or even an idea for a memoir, and you're needing that extra bit of motivation to just make it happen already! 
In this call, join Linda Joy and Brooke to explore:
  • common reasons for abandoning your memoir and how to get your groove back
  • strategies for prioritizing your writing
  • ways to confront what's holding you back
  • ideas for reconnecting to the heart of your story and what moves you
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Free Memoir Roundtable:  Real Life Characters--The Heart of your Memoir 

March 7, 2013 

We're so pleased to have Suzanne Sherman talk with us about developing your characters in a memoir. We know that they're "real people" yet we have to bring them alive so others can know them too.
In fiction, writers give focused attention to creating characters that carry the plot forward. Character motivation is a continuing consideration as they reveal the central and secondary characters through the book or short story. In screenwriting, the same is true.
In memoir, our job is different. We aren't creating characters and deciding their relevant motivations, we're taking what's here and turning it into story. We're writing about central and secondary characters and we're drawing them in 3-D, so readers get to know them.
Characters -- the people in our life stories -- are at the heart of it all.
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