Saturday, April 13, 2013

Publishing: Nook Press now competes with CreateSpace.

CreateSpace has been a great resource for my client projects, with me as midwife for 14 books in 2012 and 2013 to date . Self-publishing for print and ebooks with no upfront cost is an ideal solution for many authors who don't need the services of a print-on-demand firm for marketing add-ons or special personalized services, custom sizes, photo management or other magic.

Now Barnes & Noble has expanded their Pub-It ebook publishing service to include Nook Press:  full self-publishing for print books, with no upfront cost.  I'll test it as soon as the next client picks up the phone and requests help in publish a book. Or, if time permits I will do the 2nd edition of Release Your Writing that you've been asking for.

Until then, if you're thinking of self-publishing, give Barnes & Nobles new service some consideration.

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