Monday, June 17, 2013

The "slow" move to better online content

We've seen a resurgence and new respect for long-form journalism, after a few years of tweets and status updates that don't add anything lasting to our literary world. Now comes a call for "Slow Media." 

"Every person with an Internet connection now has a place to go to find news as it breaks. We are only just beginning, however, to realize the Internet’s power as a promoter of longform content, a recognition that is helping to drive the rise of micropublishing, a movement that emphasizes the quality of the publishing environment over timeliness, and one that eschews the primacy of the pageview. We are just starting to see the emergence of startup publications that are seeing opportunity beyond the blog format. Included among the most prominent proponents of the written form are Medium, Atavist, Byliner, Longform, and Longreads."

For us, it means more quality reading, more places to write, and an appreciation for our good writing.

Read more here at Pando.

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