Thursday, June 12, 2014

Contently: a resource for freelance writers has a portal called "The Freelancer" full of great writing, and a weekly digest. You can create your own profile to promote your freelance writing, to "see and be seen" beyond your desktop and notebooks of great writing.
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Today, the Contently magazine has a terrific article by Michael J. Berens of the Seattle Times on investigative reporting, something we should all be doing in our writing, no matter the topic. In the article, Berens discusses the plight of freelancers wanting to get hired to write for editors. He seems to have a clear recollection of the path to success, and offers candid suggestions for freelancers. as we develop expertise in various areas, and discusses ways to stand out in the very crowded world of publication.

Here is a link to the full story, and it includes Berens' notes on what matters most in writing: Finding the Story. You'll see it mentioned in the piece on Contently and also at his site: Watchdog Reporter, along with other resources. Keep in mind, this is from a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, sharing this information with us.

Here's more good news:  You can create your own profile at Contently -Here is a snapshot of mine: Gallagher Ink

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