Monday, August 4, 2014

Evernote users: Publish directly to Fast Pencil

Fast Pencil is a fairly well-known print on demand service for authors. Evernote is the smart note-taking and information database used by thousands if not millions. It has endless practical uses, from grocery lists to estate planning, is fairly easy to start, and is unstructured. Many writers use it for data gathering to writing drafts.

Now, because these two firms put their heads together, you can publish your Evernote content as a POD book. Once you organize your text and finalize your graphics and other content, you are ready to publish and distribute vie ebook or print.  A nice way to test out your book in draft form and move forward with publishing in 2014.

[Press Release] - excerpt...
FastPencil Creates Print Books and eBooks from Evernote Notes Instantly
New feature is first to enable Evernote users to easily import, self-publish and distribute notes as an eBook or print book regardless of device, location or previous publishing experience.

FastPencil, the fastest, easiest way to write and self-publish books, announced today they are offering all Evernote users the ability to instantly self-publish their notes using the FastPencil platform for ingestion, book building, transition to print and eBooks formats, online distribution and selling of the finished book. Available today, Evernote users can immediately take their notes and import them into FastPencil to create and publish in an eBook or PDF in a matter of seconds. The work can then be shared via the web or distributed through FastPencil’s publishing packages.

“This is an exciting partnership because it allows millions of Evernote users the opportunity to publish their work seamlessly through the FastPencil platform and push their book out in multiple formats,” said Steve Wilson, co-founder and President of FastPencil. “When we talk about bringing the capabilities of e-publishing to the masses, this is exactly what we mean and we couldn’t be happier to have such an amazing advocate in Evernote.”

FastPencil’s integration with Evernote allows users to create a print-ready PDF or eBook in seconds. Users simply take their specific notes – or full notebook – importing them directly into FastPencil’s self-publishing platform. From there, they will be able to edit, collate, format and create a table of contents. Then, they can choose which format they prefer, hit publish and share their newly published content. If users choose to print copies of their book, they can thru the FastPencil platform with their print partnership with Gung-Ho. Members looking to distribute their work will have the ability to utilize FastPencil’s vast distribution network channels including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, iPad, Sony eReaders, and the entire Ingram Network.

“Evernote is a powerful writing tool and this relationship further reinforces this,” says Chris Traganos, director of developer relations. “This integration provides writers and creatives with an effective way to publish their life’s work from Evernote with Fast Pencil.”

Read the full press release here:  Evernote and Fast Pencil

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