Friday, December 5, 2014

Put more 'self' into publishing with bundles

Here's news of a collaborative self-publishing idea!
Gather your friends and surge ahead in 2015!

[from Infinity Publishing blog]:

Bundles are a hot new trend for self publishing indie writers these days, and multi-author bundles are a great deal for both readers and author marketing.
 "These anthologies of short stories or novellas give readers more of what they're looking for: great stories in their favorite genre. This strategy also applies to non-fiction where the subject matter is similar. For the authors, they're a great chance to be discovered by many more new readers than they might otherwise find. The rewards for writers can be huge in terms of sales and recognition, but bundles don't come together overnight. It takes a dedicated, organized person to put a bundle together, but the effort will pay off significantly."
Read more about the logistics, costs, legal issues here at Infinity Publishing's blog. Then share this post with friends and consider a similar publishing project.

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