Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rebecca Makkai's advice for "Writer's Butt"

The funny and ever-informative shares the following important advice for those who suffer from what I call writer's butt cramps. The linked essay is by Rebecca Makkai, a speaker we recently enjoyed hearing at OCWW.

Writers and editors, are you suffering from backaches, expanding butts, and the host of other problems associated with this fine vocation? If so be sure to check out Rebecca Makkai's "Calisthenics for Writers." Writes Makkai, "Writer’s Butt is a real and tragic thing. You might be making great progress on that novel, but is your seat getting wider with every word count goal?" One exercise she advises: "Bind together seven copies of literary magazines that rejected you, and impale them on the end of a sharp stick. Now do the same with seven more mags on the other end of the stick. Now it’s time for the free lift! That thing must weigh at least ten pounds."
Read her full, funny essay here:  Calisthenics for Writers

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