Monday, May 28, 2007

About "Release Your Writing"

Whether you’re a writer just starting out or at the finish line, you can get your work published.

We know the long road to publishing success: attract an agent who has time and connections to place your book with a publisher, and follow the long rewarding journey to publication. But there is another way: publish it yourself.

This book goes beyond traditional publishing to strategies for success with self-publishing, putting you in control of the process.

But what about the writing, handling computer chores, and formatting a book for publication?

And how does a writer handle marketing and promotion? We’ll take you there too. Release Your Writing walks you through the whole project, not just publishing options.

Why self-publish?

Perhaps …
  • You want your work to be seen. No one can read what’s in your desk drawer.
  • You want to help people with what you’ve learned, and share your expertise.
  • You have a collection of essays or stories you’d like to sell.
  • You want a book for professional reasons, as an adjunct to your business or to share expertise with the public.
  • You’ve studied the markets and you know you aren’t likely to attract a major publisher…

Then self-publishing might be perfect for you.

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