Saturday, April 26, 2008

The 7th point on a PowerPoint slide

Well, what good is a PowerPoint slide show if you cut off the last item? An astute observer in a workshop this morning noted my slide entitled Seven ways to find an agent, actually had only six points.

Here are all seven in their entirety:
1. Check the acknowledgments in similar books. You'll generally see a “thank you” to the author's agent.
2. Subscribe to, read, Publisherslunch, Mediabistro.
3. Ask a fellow author for a referral to his/her agent.
4. Explore writing organizations and databases:, or Literary Market Place (LMP) at your library.
5. Attend workshops and establish connections.
6. Do a web search for the agent type most specific to your book/ non-fiction, literary fiction, memoir, etc.
7. Use your platform to help agents find you.

And a platform basically includes some combination of these resources to provide a viable audience for your book:Image (c) Helen Gallagher, please do not distribute without permission.

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