Friday, April 4, 2008

What's your motivation?

What does it take to light a fire under your desire? I often say we need to listen to our inner voices when it comes to our writing, and our hopes. Many people say "I want to write about travel," for example, or "I wish I could get published." But what do they do to get there?

Here's your inspiration for today:

". . . Never hope more than you work."

- Rita Mae Brown

So whatever you're trying to achieve, make sure you are actually DOING something every week and every month to bring yourself closer to that goal. Don't "wish" your life away.

During a presentation last night for Midwest Writers Association, I mentioned the goal at the end of my talk would be for audience members to choose two or three of the ideas presented, and go home and put those ideas to work.

I was thrilled to wake up this morning (well, I'm thrilled to wake up every day!) to see an email from one audience member, who took action on two of the suggested topics yesterday. She went home got herself involved in two sites to increase exposure for her book, and she did them before even going to sleep! Now that's commitment.

What are you trying to make happen in your writing career? Don't hope for it - work at it. Add a comment below, if you would like to share your commitments.

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