Monday, May 26, 2008

How nice: Elizabeth Gilbert explains all

The woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love raised the bar for all writers. But you need not feel that faint twinge of jealousy. Turns it took Elizabeth Gilbert a looooong time to be accepted:

After more than five years of sending out work for publication and collecting only rejection letters, she finally broke onto the literary scene in 1993, when one of her short stories was pulled from the slush pile at Esquire magazine and published under the heading “The Debut of an American Writer.” (excerpt from Elizabeth Gilbert's bio).

Click here for a wonderful essay sharing her thoughts on the writing life.

So, let's spend the summer writing well. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, "PUT IT OUT THERE."

Helen Gallagher
Release Your Writing

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Anonymous said...

I dont know if ELIZABETH will get this but I just wanted to thank her for her honesty and her strength in writing....... and voicing what so many women are thinking and feeling.... It takes a lot of courage to broach the subjects she does so openly, and boldly and without any superficiality....
Eat pray love was inspiring but Committed was what needed to be told, its the unspoken voice of millions..... and a powerful one.

Cheers to her !!