Sunday, May 4, 2008

Need a nudge? Writing resources

If you need to recharge your creativity or find places to publish your work, the web is full of great resources.

Take a look at, especially their Writing section, for help when you need a little inspiration:

They have fresh articles on:
  • fiction, non-fiction and blogging
  • freelance writing
  • writing habits
  • international markets
  • the writing craft
  • queries, mistakes to avoid, and dealing with rejection
  • publishing and book promotion

There you go - just one site out of thousands that can turn a slow day into a writing spree!


2KoP said...

Hey, Helen, here's a little nudge for you. File it under "Just for Fun" and blame OCWW member Cindy Fey, who tagged me first.

You have been tagged. Go here now: Chained to Letters.

Computer Clarity © 2004 said...

Hello friends: Be sure to see the adjacent post comment from 2kop - her "Chained to Letters" post on her blog is actually very good and thought provoking.

Also - thanks to her for the link to the Morgue file for royalty-free digital photos.

It's all great,