Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giving in to blow-out card...

The fantasy: A year of Vogue magazine and an attractive bag. Not jut an ordinary tote bag, but what looked like a Vogue-ish big red textured leather bag. Big enough for my books, journal and notebook computer. How could I not.

The reality: Said bag arrived not in a handsome box via UPS but in an envelope - not even 9 x 12 - just a 6 inch envelope. Unless there's such a thing as inflatable leather, I'm about to be disappointed. The bag turns out to be vinyl [yes, I know... was I really expecting leather via blow-out card?] Yes, I was, but not $400 Vogue-leather, but maybe $40 Target or Kohl's .... And unlike the blow-out card deception, the bag is a very dorky size - like Easter purses in the 1950's.

So now I'm saddled with a year of Vogue - which, if you're not a fan of high fashion, is generally about 60 pages of full-color glossy ads before you even get to the Table of Contents. There are then about three decent articles among 200+ pages of expensive photo shoots, outrageous models, wearing "the season's all-important new braid," and eye makeup that would embarrass a Bird of Paradise.

You won't see the bag any time soon. I talked my sister into taking it to store her paintbrushes and art supplies.

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