Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog design options

Today I changed my blog design back to a simpler design. I was testing the checkerboard design but found it awfully confusing for those who want to read my work here.

Yesterday was a great day. I had the largest crowd ever for my workshop at the Helen Plum Memorial Library in Lombard. A terrific audience stayed with me as we did a 90-minute race through Everything E, covering writing for e-markets, e-books, e-publishing and e-marketing.

Attendees are welcome to leave questions here in the Comment section and I'll reply here or privately - your choice.

Thanks to the hard-working staff at the library.
I'll be back!



Anonymous said...

Yes! It was a great meeting (and race to cover the material) with great information. Could have used another hour. Thank you Helen.

Can you direct me to the link for the handout of the presentation?

Computer Clarity © 2004 said...

Let me know if you still need the handout. I'd need your email address instead of Anonymous... Helen