Friday, March 2, 2012

Klout: Measure your social media strength

At a workshop last Saturday, I displayed the new Klout factor - a measure of your reach on social media.  ( Here's a small sample screen:

To see the power of this new popularity tool, here's an article from Cision Navigator that displays the top ten crafts blogs based on their scores.

In the grand scheme of visibility, this can teach you two things:

1. See how easy it now is to find, not just blogs in your area of interest, but drill down to the top ten in a category.
2. Shows you the importance of integrating your social media - not just Facebook or Twitter, but staying visible among all social network tools. Some people may be glued to Twitter while others prefer using Facebook, and many focused individuals prefer Linkedin, to focus on their most important contacts and resources.

You may not want to sign up with, but knowing its now a useful way to measure online visibility, it may prove useful to you.

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