Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And baby makes three

I've written elsewhere about the ease of developing a blog, and letting it morph into whatever you and your readers seem to respond to. But bloggers never need to feel penned in (pun intended) by having a single blog. Branch out if your interests or your audience grows in a new direction.

In addition to this blog, I started Pajama Marketing as a blog in June, with specific aspects of author marketing tips and strategies. There is a new post each Saturday morning, so you can work in your P.J.'s and still do something productive to move your work and your visibility along.

And now... baby makes three: I'm growing the Pajama Marketing blog into a web site as well. PajamaMarketing.info will now share marketing strategies, as well as links to resources, info on upcoming seminars, observations and interviews with other authors. And, you'll still be able to concentrate on your weekly marketing mojo at the blog.

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2KoP said...

Yay, Helen. I love your new blog. Added it to my blogroll. Good luck.