Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Motivation... whatever it takes

I'm delighted to have the pleasure of reviewing Maeve Binchy's newest book. It won't be out until March 2010 but you're sure to like it. The Maeve Binchy Writers' Club is a sweet series of weekly letters to the reader from Maeve. Along the way, she invites successful friends to share their point of view on some of the issues that are puzzling to all authors. Not surprisingly, her friends themselves are skilled writers, editors and publishers.

I thought you might enjoy a peek into her letter from Week 6, in which the author bribes herself to keep writing:

"If I get the first four pages of chapter seven done today, I will have a huge glass of Chardonnay...

...If I don't get four pages done, I will sit down and make three telephone calls I have been putting off for weeks."

She ends by saying "... We must remember this is where the losers give up. We will not be among them."

Hope this helps you whether you're slogging through the final hours of NANOWRIMO, writing in your journal, creating a blog post, or the next best-seller. Write on, friends.

Helen Gallagher
(excerpts from Advanced Reader Copy subject to change on publication March 2010.)

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