Monday, February 7, 2011

For Teen Writers: The Right Kind of Social Media

Harper Collins has launched InkPop - a social media site geared to teen writers, and aspiring writers. Book projects are chosen to be reviewed by Harper Collins editors, there is a weekly writing project, pop culture news, videos, teen trends and more.

It looks like a worthy place to hang out, both for teens and adults writing for teens:

Along with searching for more manuscripts from our inkpop community, we’re also working on developing more outlets where readers and writers can just get their ideas in front of editors here. We realize that writing a full novel is difficult and not something that every teen can do every day. We also realize that they are full of great ideas and we want to empower our members to share those ideas with us, so that instead of editors in a room creating books that they think teens will like, teens will really be helping to create the books they want to read.

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